Who can apply ?

You can apply to ToasterLAB if you are:
Scale-ups and start-ups innovating in fermentation-based food ingredients and technologies for B2B markets
Tools and technologies for optimising production and processing: analytics and measurement of bioreactions, reducing the environmental footprint (water/energy, recycling food waste etc.), foods with specific characteristics or functionalities.
Innovative ingredients produced from fermentation with clear benefits for the consumer: natural, improved taste, healthy, sustainable etc.
You want to boost your development in French and European markets.
ToasterLAB candidates will be selected according to:
Team profiles (complementary skills, capacity to learn and pivot)
Vision and added value (capacity to solve true market challenges and to improve the planet)
Business model (demonstrate high growth potential and sustainability)
Team motivation (clear description of required support/services and potential good fit with the accelerator capabilities)
How to apply?
Applications are submitted via the F6S  platform using the following steps:
Step 1 Online application
Click on the "Apply now" link below
Create your profile on F6S. Please note that the "Basic information" and "Your team" sections are required by F6S but are not part of the ToasterLAB application. We only pay attention to the answers of the ToasterLAB application form. You may also put your F6S profile in "stealth mode" if you wish to remain under the radar.
It is important to complete the application form with detailed answers. The quality of your application will determine if you will be invited to pitch. Your application is of course confidential and will be viewed only by the ToasterLAB team and the selection panel.
Click on "Submit". Please note that you cannot edit your application once you have submitted.
Step 2 Pitch
Following the application's closing date, selected applicants will be invited to pitch before the selection jury. This involves a chance to meet with and pitch for the selection panel.
Successful applicants will begin their acceleration program for the following session.
Just applying to the accelerator programme can be a valuable experience: every start-up selected to pitch receives extensive feedback from the expert selection panel. We have had unsuccessful candidates come back better and stronger thanks to this feedback!
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