How it works:
2-Month acceleration + 10-month post-ACCELERATION
The program is structured around 3 stages of development:
Acceleration Month #1
Get to grips with the specific  European business environment with all the tools and knowledge to do business in France and Europe
Acceleration Month #2
Test, evaluate and strengthen the building blocks of your company, to adapt and secure your development
Post-acceleration Month #3-12
Build up speed for your development, industrialisation, fundraising and sales launch in France and Europe
Phase #1 – 2-month acceleration
Welcome to Europe / Adapt & Thrive
Our process is specifically adapted to the needs of international startups looking to develop into European markets.
The intensive acceleration phase combines weekly progress sessions with personalised support from the ToasterLAB core team, mentors and experts.
In addition, ToasterLAB provides access to a "soft-landing" package - accommodation, language lessons, admin support etc.
Phase #2 – 10-month post-acceleration
ToasterLAB alumni will continue to receive personalised assistance in the form of coaching, expert advice and one-to-one business connections with clients, partners and investors.
They will have free membership to the Vitagora innovation cluster, with access to:
Support services for industrial and innovation projects
Strategic visibility among the +660 members of Vitagora in France and throughout the world
Reduced rates for taking part in international missions and events co-organised with partner Foodtech clusters and accelerators: Asia, USA, Canada, Europe…
The full force of your Vitagora membership
By joining ToasterLAB, you are automatically a member of Vitagora for the duration of your acceleration. Get a direct line to the ecosystem of 660+ talented people, experts and resources to develop, test and sell your products:
  • what are the emerging growth drivers for food business?
    • Get access to a vast library of intelligence publications covering the future of food business (markets, consumers, technologies etc.)
  • tailored business intelligence solutions
    • Anticipate changes in your business environment and get the data to make informed decisions (innovation, regulatory affairs, competitors…).
  • business development in France and abroad
    • We provide you with direct connections with your future partners and clients within the Vitagora network.
  • a multidisciplinary team by your side
    • A professional, approachable and hardworking team provides you with expert guidance, in full confidentiality: food engineers, quality assurance experts, project engineers, international development specialists, entrepreneurship and strategy, marketing and communication...
  • a direct line to investors
    • Through Vitagora, get a a connection to investment partners: BDR IT de la Caisse d’Epargne, BFC Angels, Miimosa…...
  • a partnership with agronov - agro-innovation park and hub:
    • Access solutions and tools for developing, testing and selling your AgTech innovations.
Meet our Team
ToasterLAB has a dedicated team within the Vitagora cluster, working with you to maximise your business potential.
Christophe Breuillet
Clément Galbois
Business Developer
Ming Li
International Development Manager
Anne-Laure Marchand
Intelligence analyst
Marthe Jewell
Communications manager
Our Mentors
Jean-David Camus
Joëlle Brouard
Terroir Manager
Eric Klingler
Caisse d'Epargne B-FC
Lucy Hoffmann
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