Our acceleration program, launched under the name of Accelerise, is remaking its brand by becoming ToasterLAB! Applications open for the third cohort on Monday 27 November. This third cohort will mark an increased international presence for the program. The application call also targets in particular the areas of AgTech, processing or innovations that create new links between the various stages of the food production chain.

3 priorty themes for the third cohort 

ToasterLAB (previously Accelerise), offers 12 months of acceleration (coaching, training and mentoring) drawing on a network of mentors and partners in France and abroad. ToasterLAB offers candidates business opportunities, access to testing and development resources, on demand personalised assistance, and international development support. The call for applications closes on Wednesday 20 December.
For its third cohort, the jury of ToasterLAB, composed of the program’s founding members , are in particular interested in the following areas, as well as startups with a B2B activity: 
  • Agriculture: agtech, agroecology, sustainable agricultural practices, urban agriculture …
  • Manufacturing/consumer innovations: bioprocess, alternative proteins, personalised nutrition
  • Creating closer links for the whole food value chain : blockchain, traceability, product life cycle management
However, high potential FoodTech and AgTech startups from other areas of activity are also invited to apply.
Following an initial intensive acceleration period of 3 months, with weekly training sessions, workshops and networking opportunities, the successful candidates will benefit from a further 9 months of post-acceleration support in order to successfully meet their goals in terms of fundraising, industrialisation and market launch, with the possibility of joining R&D projects or international missions. 
The two previous calls for applications taking place at the end of 2016 and the spring of 2017 generated 130 applications, with 13 startups being selected.

AcceleRise becomes ToasterLAB 
strengthening its international presence

From 4 November, AcceleRise becomes ToasterLAB.
“The change of name is in phase with our plans for international development,” explains Christophe Breuillet, the program director. “Like accelerators such as Food-X in New York or Bits X Bites in China, we need to confirm our links with the “food” sector. We are not a multi-sectorial accelerator but an acceleration program that draws its strength from being firmly anchored in a high-performance food innovation ecosystem.” 
Poised to begin its international development, ToasterLAB has strengthened its resources. This development includes two phases :
Firstly, ToasterLAB is adapting its program to be more attractive to high-potential startups from France or throughout the world, in order to integrate them fully into the French FoodTech ecosystem. 
Secondly, during their acceleration, the successful candidates will benefit from increased internationalisation support services to help prepare and implement their penetration into markets and ecosystems throughout the world, with a focus on North America and Asia.
“ToasterLAB is today build on a strong network and a high-quality support program that allows our startups to fly high the flag of French FoodTech in the world,” concludes Christophe Breuillet. 



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