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To assuage your FoodTech appetite, we are once again delighted to bring you our web news round-up for the month of April. Why are Foodtech and AgTech the flavours of the moment? What does the nebulous concept of Blockchain promise for food business? Retail Tech, or digital agriculture – what are the latest advances? Read below to find out more…. 

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FoodTech is happening right now


We regularly note during our discussions with the AcceleRise mentors, partners and startups that FoodTech is taking off in France, and the development and investor potential confirms it. Is the time right to join the movement?



The emergence of Retail Tech


We know full well that FoodTech is a wide-ranging sector with many and varied applications. At its heart, innovations are emerging in relation to food retail. Even e-commerce pure players, focused on leisure goods or electronics, are investing in brick and mortar. How is traditional food retail reacting to the challenge? What partnership opportunities are emerging between startups and food business?


What’s the deal with Blockchain?


This is THE big area of interest in 2017. If no-one is in doubt of the  revolution it is heralding, we are nonetheless struggling to understand and define this technology. For food business, blockchain technology is opening persectives of high-performance traceability and anti-fraud applications.



AgTech is progressing fast


AgTech, or agricultural technology for the uninitiated, is here to stay. Concerning urban agriculture, viticulture or many other areas, AgTech is making headlines for innovative startups.



Entrepreneurship: advice and best practices

Entrepreneurship training programs don’t exist, which is why best practices, expert advice and learning from other’s experience is of such high value for start-uppers. Here is our selection of the month’s articles at the service of entrepreneurial success. 

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By Clémence Bouvel
Clémence is Vitagora’s friendly scribe and community manager. She scours the web for the latest trend news that she transcribes on Vitagora’s blog and in market intelligence bulletins for its members and the AcceleRise community.