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The summer of 2017 has been a busy one for French foodtech and for AcceleRise! At the beginning of July, the new cohort of AcceleRise was selected (read the article here). And I joined the AcceleRise team as Startup Manager!
Even if business activity has slowed for the summer break, there has been little or no rest for FoodTech startups. And our news bulletin is all the richer for their industriousness. Take the time to get up to speed on FoodTech and food innovation news with our summer roundup. 

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FoodTech News


Record startup investments, a sector that is attracting more and more funding, future stars picked out by support programs… but, on the other side of the coin, some dissenting opinions on the competitiveness of FoodTech startups in the face of large scale competitors such as Amazon. So, FoodTech: do these innovations have a future or is the FoodTech bubble ready to pop?


E-commerce and O2O

Are you starting to get the hang of FoodTech vocab? Well, sorry, there is a new expression for you to learn… O2O. It means “online to offline”, describing the transition of an exclusively online player towards brick and mortar. It is an increasingly visible trend in this sector, and will continue to impact FoodTech startups in the months to come.

Startup advice and best practices


Did you know that 14% of young entrepreneurs took no vacation time this summer (accordin to Maddyness)? Whether you are one of them or not, here is my selection of ‘advice’ to respond to your startup challenges.


Go deeper


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By Claire M.
AcceleRise’s Startup manager, Claire is an adept of the world of entrepreneurs, having spent the last 4 years within an incubator and innovation centre. Her mission is to provide daily support and coordination to AcceleRise’s startups, to lend them both practical support and a direct line to the necessary contacts and expertise to get their businesses off the ground. Contact Claire at