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February 2nd was the second day of AcceleRise Academy, the scheduled training part of our FoodTech acceleration program, alternating between Dijon and Paris over the next 3 months. As a service for our startups, but also for anyone interested in following foodtech news, you will find below our monthly roundup of web-based articles. Happy reading!

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FoodTech trends

Do needs drive trends or to trends drive needs? A question asked by Marie-Pierre Membrives during a fascinating presentation during the AcceleRise bootcamp day (you can read the interview here). Local, authentic, natural, transparent… Keeping an eye on “food” trends is an essential part of developing your foodtech business: there is no foodtech without food!



Entrepreneurship: advice and best practices

It’s not always easy to launch your startup adventure. How to manage your business, how to penetrate the world of investors, how to define your strategy or business plan? How to avoid the trap of multitasking? How to start a conversation in any context? FoodTech startups, here are the web’s answers to your questions.



FoodDelivery, catering & retail

Automating and digitalisation: two very promising areas of development for food retail. If the big players such as Uber, Carrefour and Amazon are getting in on the act, a number of startups are also playing a vital role in developing disruptive innovation.




How is digitalisation affecting agriculture? Collecting and treating massive amounts of data, tracing from the field to the consumer and so forth, who are the bright sparks leading the way?



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If you are a FoodTech or Agtech startup looking for a faster and smarter way to get your offer to market, stay tuned for the opening of applications for the 2nd AcceleRise cohort, later this spring.
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By Clémence Bouvel
Clémence is Vitagora’s friendly scribe and community manager. She scours the web for the latest trend news that she transcribes on Vitagora’s blog and in market intelligence bulletins for its members.