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Cooking and personalised nutrition


“There’s no accounting for taste”, once said a much wiser person. Now we can add “nor for one's nutritional needs”. Because nutrigenomics is moving at the speed of light on how our individual genes assimilate and process nutrients in a specific manner. This opens a door for Food Science for developing tailored nutrition offers… food products adapted to an individual's nutritional responses, or indeed cooking appliances for perfectly customised “home cooking’:


Delivery: the meal box paradox

Food delivery is one of the most prolific areas of FoodTech, with a multiplication of meal delivering startups, both ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook. In this business landscape, two players are causing stress for smaller businesses: UberEats and Amazon whose notoriety and networks are certainly leverage for fast growth. If subscriptions to meal kits are all the rage, there is growing dissention about their relevance and development potential.


Wine Tech: A trump card for France ?


Last Friday, Dijon welcomed the first Wine and Digital Forum, evoking the potential of new technologies in the wine industry. Management of production and stocks, coaching for wine tasting etc. WineTech applications are already numerous for this emerging area.


AgTech: what’s the reality for farmers ?


Why is that we see so few AgTech applications in farms despite the high degree of media interest in this area? Behind the fantastical image of AgTech, what is the reality for farmers? A question that the press is just starting to explore… 



Entrepreneurship: advice and best practices

An entrepreneur never stops learning ! Here is our selection of articles for the month to help you with your daily challenges. And to get even more insights and expert support, don’t forget to AcceleRise before next Monday’s final deadline.

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