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We are already halfway through the AcceleRise acceleration program for our first clutch of startups. Business plan, HR problems, intellectual property protection – AcceleRise’s weekly workshops are giving our startups a panel of practical and strategic tools for their development. To complete these teachings, why not finish with a weekly dose of FoodTech and AgTech intelligence? Take a few minutes to read the bulletin for March, below. 

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Who are the FoodTech players?


Good ideas are sometimes born from frustration, from curiosity, or often from chance encounters. In many cases, FoodTech startups are about ideas developed by, and foremostly for, Millennials. Who are they? From what trends are reflected in their behaviours? Understanding FoodTech’s innovators is half the challenge of understanding the pontential of their innovations…



The retail revolution: towards a new model?


Established retail players are questioning their tried and tested models. Is it really the end of the retail world as we know it? In any case, new pathways and channels are opening up, driven in part by FoodTech innovations.

The smart food factory


Robots, blockchain… These technological perspectives are inspiring the modernisation of French food companies. If some people react to a threat to jobs, FoodTech players are sur of one thing: with a spotlight on personalization, traceability, transparency, as well as improved factory working conditions, FoodTech is a tangible way forward.




The Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris has put the spotlight on Agtech. Great news for spreading the word among professionals, but also the media and public, about the innovative solutions emerging from this sector in the pursuit of better and more sustainable agricultural pratices.



Entrepreneurship: advice and best practices

Entrepreneurship training programs don’t exist, which is why best practices, expert advice and learning from other’s experience is of such high value for start-uppers. Here is our selection of the month’s articles at the service of entrepreneurial success.

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By Clémence Bouvel
Clémence is Vitagora’s friendly scribe and community manager. She scours the web for the latest trend news that she transcribes on Vitagora’s blog and in market intelligence bulletins for its members and the AcceleRise community.