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Applications for the second session of AcceleRise are now open, and we are delighted with the feedback we are getting from our first cohort (you can read some of their comment here in French). If you are looking to accelerate your FoodTech business in France and Europe, don’t miss the June 12, 2017, deadline!


SMEs, startups and large companies, here is your chance to plug in to this month’s Foodtech and AgTech news. The development of blockchain for food, retail tech shaken up by Amazon, urban and digital agriculture, advice for young startuppers: here is our selection of web news for the month of May.

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Breaking news for May


Barack Obama made an appearance at Seeds & Chips in Milan, the first cohort of AcceleRise gave some very positive feedback, reports on the future of food. FoodTech is still getting a lot of media attention and even the interest of influential political figures. If you needed any more convincing of the importance of this topic!



Blockchain: the food traceability revolution

Blockchain is clearly THE buzzword for 2017, as we covered in our April bulletin. This month, articles on blockchain technology are coming thick and fast, one more hint of how this innovation could soon revolutionise food traceability, with the notable benefit of restoring consumer confidence in agriculture.


GAFA shakes up Retail Tech


Disruption? Or cooperation? A question asked by one of the articles in our selection. Indeed, the waves made by Amazon, as well as other members of the GAFA quartet (Google/Amazon/Facebook/Apple), in food retail may be overshadowing other business opportunities for the sector. Startups and large companies all have an interest in paying closer attention to retail tech… Already, small companies (in France, most notably Alkemics) are proving their potential to cause a retail revolution, although much progress remains to be made.

  • AgTech eyes world domination (and beyond)


How can we find new arable land without overexploitation of our planet’s resources? How can we produce enough while being clean and efficient? AgTech is giving agriculture’s search for innovative solutions a new momentum. In cities, on another planet, with robots… all this is on the horizon, and may be closer than you think.



Entrepreneurship: advice and best practices

The feedback we have had from our first AcceleRise cohort confirms what we know: take a step back from the coalface, learn from the experience of other professionals and experts in order to best equip yourself for the long haul. Here is a selection of useful articles for your entrepreneurial activity…. And don’t miss the chance to join our second cohort to get the support and expertise “live”! (apply here: 

Go deeper


Advice, best practices, experiences… Put your vision into practice and accelerate the development of our FoodTech or AgTech startup by applying to AcceleRise session #2 (apply here before June 12, 2017). You can also follow our news on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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