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The AgFunder funding report is showing that the FoodTech/AgTech investment is bouncing back. Which reassures us in our conviction that FoodTech still has a lot of aces up its sleeve in terms of innovations that will disrupt and drive development. Intelligence, best practices, join us on our tour of the FoodTech web for the month of October.

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Food and disruptive innovations


Allowing gluten-intolerant consumers to eat bread thanks to genetics. Integrating plant proteins into tasty manufactured products thanks to data sciences and artificial intelligence. Developing edible plastics… Within FoodTech and AgTech, discover these disruptive innovations.


E-commerce and “retail tech”

How can a food company move into ecommerce? And why are they doing this? Listening to consumers, diversifying distribution channels, removing middle-men, or developing new client portfolios… It’s no surprise that a number of market players, big and small, are shaking up their usual retail channels.

Startup advice and best practices


What can we glean from the web this month? Having a look at the articles Accelerise publishes is a good start, and here is a selection of other sources.  


Go deeper


Each month we publish our “All about FoodTech” bulletin - news, best practices, experiences… Put your vision into practice and accelerate the development of your FoodTech or AgTech startup by applying to AcceleRise - Session #3 will open applications at the end of 2017. To stay up to date, you can also follow our news on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. or sign up below for the newsletter. 


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