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The Summer of FoodTech is officially over (judging by the rain here in Dijon) with the launch of AcceleRise’s second cohort as a high point. But also a number of industry developments: the changing face of food business, the development of “retail tech”, advice for startuppers… Good news, we’ve done the hard work for you so you only need to read the FoodTech and AgTech news digest below. 

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What FoodTech means for traditional food business


What if FoodTech was a matter of concern for all of us? Startups, innovative companies, but also traditional food businesses … The advent of the age of FoodTech is indeed a sign of a deeper level of change in the way producers, distributors and consumers relate to one another, and also of the technological revolution that is impacting all links of the value chain, and should not be dismissed as a short-term fad. During the wait till Forum Vitagora next spring, here is a small collection of news articles on the subject:


E-commerce and “retail tech”

It’s impossible to talk about FoodTech without mentioning the web. And impossible to talk about the web without mentioning e-commerce. Between FoodTech and e-commerce, a mere degree of separation! Which then sometimes brings us full circle back to brick and mortar retail “improved” with digital tools!

Startup advice and best practices


This month, a startup from our first AcceleRise cohort, Aveine, looks back on the previous year. Inspiration and best practices, but also a warning. Regulationsin particular need to be taken seriously: how can you market your disruptive innovations safely and legally? The Impossible Burger, blocked by the FDA, has raised a number of questions…


Go deeper


Each month we publish our “All about FoodTech” bulletin - news, best practices, experiences… Put your vision into practice and accelerate the development of your FoodTech or AgTech startup by applying to AcceleRise - Session #3 will open applications at the end of 2017. To stay up to date, you can also follow our news on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. or sign up below for the newsletter. 


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