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Food Delivery, AgTech or food science, early stage or last stage, seeking partners, clients or mentors… basically, whatever your situation, if FoodTech interests you, our monthly news digest will be right up your alley. Starting from January 2017, hot on the heels of the selection of the first cohort of the AcceleRise program, “All about FoodTech” brings you a review of web-based press in English and French on this topic: entrepreneurial best practices, opportunities, innovative product and service launches etc. Start reading now!

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Entrepreneurship: best practices and opportunities


To put your best foot forward in 2017, take inspiration from the stories of your fellow entrepreneurs and experts, and look out for development opportunities.

FoodDelivery, FoodService and Retail


2016 has been witness to the multiplication of innovative services for food service and retail - hyper-personalisation, dematerialisation and the elimination of middle-men. In France, the Foodtech scene was also shaken up by the collapse of the startup Take Eat Easy. 2017 appears to be the year of the consolidation of these innovative solutions, in search of the holy grail of stable, and profitable, revenue streams.




FoodTech’s tech-savvy country cousin, AgTech is revolutionising agricultural practices with connected technologies: drones, innovative delivery systems, big data, aquaponics etc. A number of initiatives are emerging in France, with this trend set to remain steady in 2017.



Nutrigenomics, biotechnologies: FoodTech is also disruptive innovations in life sciences at the service of food production. This can be in response to consumer demand (personalised food according to genetic profiles, or the advance of cruelty-free “lab-grown meat”) or technology-driven changes. The following articles awwake our inner geek with a glimpse into these fascinating and complex subjects. 

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By Clémence Bouvel

Clémence Bouvel

Clémence is Vitagora’s friendly scribe and community manager. She scours the web for the latest trend news that she transcribes on Vitagora’s blog and in market intelligence bulletins for its members.