While the 4th cohort of ToasterLAB is cooking, what else is happening the the FoodTech and Agtech world? Food science, blockchain, AgTech, DeliveryTech, startup advice… Don’t go on holiday without reading our news roundup!

Foodscience and food business transformations 

Food business has never had access to so much scientific knowledge. Sensors for combatting food waste, personalised nutrition for each individual, meat from a laboratory etc. If our mentalities are not always keeping up with progress, there are nonetheless promises of major innovations on the horizon.

Traceability, production: machines at the service of tomorrow’s food

Self-driving cars, blockchain, AI and cobots: from the factory to retail, food businesses are getting ready to take advantange of intelligent and high-performance machines, for better control of production and traceability all the way down the food value chain. But also as a tool for 21st century consumers for which we are already seeing the first applications.

AgTech: feeding the world, sustainably

Precision agriculture, urban agriculture, soil-less growing, hydroponics… Technological progress is allowing agriculture to find innovative solutions to environmental, health and food security problems, in the face of an exploding global population. Even going so far as to grow food on another planet? If that seems to be from the realm of science fiction (thanks, Matt Damon),  agriculture has never been so close to that goal…

Advice for food startups

Is your startup about to get into bed with a large company? Among the last 3 cohorts of ToasterLAB (as a reminder, cohort 4 is about to get underway), many of them have gone down this road. ScanUp, for example, has signed a contract with French retailer Franprix, and will soon be doing the same with Carrefour and Monoprix. They share their experience in an article below.

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By Claire VO.
ToasterLAB Program Manager, Claire "VO" is in charge of our start-ups' post-acceleration as well as intrapreneurship. After 12 years with Vitagora, Claire's unparalleled knowledge of our network is put to good use while integrating our startups into the food business ecosystem!  E-mail her at: claire.vanoverstraeten@vitagora.com