ToasterLAB :
The Agri-Food acceleration program that gives you europe on a plate

ToasterLAB is an international acceleration program for companies (startups and SMEs) of the Agri-Food sectors from throughout the world. Its program includes 12 months of personalised coaching and expert advice, as well as Europe-wide business opportunities, testing and development resources, on demand support, and the right tools to understand and access European food markets. 
The acceleration program takes place in two phases:
  • An initial 2-month intensive acceleration phase, to allow international start-ups to get to grips with the specific European business environment, and to aquire all the tools and knowledge to do business in France and Europe. During this phase, international start-ups can also access a "soft landing" package, including access to French lessons, office space and accommodation and adminstrative support for starting your business in Europe.
  • A 10-month post-acceleration phase to test, evaluate and strengthen the building blocks of your company,  and to adapt and secure your development in Europe's markets.


1/ A high-tech/innovative Agri-Food start-up or SME based anywhere (you can be accelerated from where you are!)
2/ You need to have either sales revenues or a proof of concept validated by your future clients.
3/ You are willing to speed up one of your projects, that is innovating either from a technological point of view or in terms of uses.
4/ With a high-potential, scalable product or service (Proof Of Concept stage minimum) addressing key Agri-Food challenges
5/ In need of support for market access, scaling up, funding, international development


6 priority topics for 2022

As for the Sessions #1 to #6, ToasterLAB is open to any mature (at the proof of concept stage), high potential Agri-Food start-up or SME, based in France or abroad.
Applications corresponding to one or more of the following priority topics will receive a special attention from the selection panel as well as projects that include a dimension of sustainability.
  • Agriculture: robotics and agri-supplies
  • Digital solutions for quality assurance, product tracing, and business intelligence for agriculture
  • Integrated solutions for environmental KPIs (greenhouse gases, C02, environmental impact of agriculture, life cycle analysis etc.)
  • Primary processing: functional ingredients, fermentation and alternative proteins (including plant, insect and microalgae etc.)
  • Secondary processing: high added-value or high health-potential foods and drinks (functional drinks or natural soft drinks), “free from” products, local products, blockchain and IOT for tomorrow’s food factory, anti-waste solutions, new ways of consumption (local distribution, bulk retail, use...)
  • Packaging: intelligent packaging, solutions for reducing packaging or optimising sustainability (recyclable, recycled or reusable, plastic-free, etc.), edible packaging

Application deadline for next intake

  • Cut-off date for the spring acceleration session: September 16th, 2022


For any questions, please contact:
Clément Galbois, Business developer

+33 3 80 78 77 40