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Georges DEVESA
Co-founder of Nutrisens


why you should listen to him


When you talk to Georges (over a coffee, why not?), you can't help being charmed by his vision of leadership and entrepreneurship. A charismatic speaker and teacher, Georges shares his experience and his advice with young business owners.


Having graduated from ISC  (Institut Supérieur de Commerce de Paris) in 1997, he began his carreer with the Elior and Brake France groups before launching his own business in 2010. This business became Nutrisens, a company specialised in the development, manufacturing and distribution of specialised food products for the elderly and infirm, adapted to their pathologies and tastes.


In 2015, Nutrisens even created its own incubator with the goal of supporting startups in their market access strategies. Have a chat with Georges: he can advise you on the relevant tools to speed up your development... and will be at your side to mentor and guide you on practical matters of running your business.



How georges can help you


  • Innovation, networks and business contacts
  • Market access for specialised food products: hospitals, elderly care centres, pharmacies, e-commerce
  • Access to B2B or B2C retail channels for food companies
  • Advice and practical tools for leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Food engineering and technical aspects for increasing palatability


in his own words


"Being a business owner means being continually challenged. It's a series of failures that force you to course correct and learn on the fly."


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