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Thierry RIZZA
Wine and spirits sector manager and member of the start-up group within GRANT THORNTON FRANCE



Thierry has been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship for quite some time. A graduate of the CNAM school (Conservatoire national des arts et métiers) in Paris, he began his career in accounting in the French capital. After several years of working in companies, he returned to the profession of chartered accountant for its greater diversity of people and projects on which he could work.


Since then, as a member of the Grant Thornton France start-up group, he has observed a real development in France's start-up culture: from university-level training programs to awareness raising among young graduates. "This cultural evolution has allowed young people to find real meaning in their professional careers!", he enthuses.


Originally from Paris, Thierry defines himself as "provincial at heart". A lover of nature, gastronomy and authenticity, he aspires to a simple and healthy life. A adept of agrecology and organic farming, he is regularly in contact with the projects of young entrepreneurs involved in building a better tomorrow, such as several start-ups accelerated by ToasterLAB (l'Assiette d'Arthur et de Manon, Biomede, Urbanleaf, GreenSpot etc.): "there has been a change in mentalities," he observes. "Without getting caught up in elitist posturing, we should encourage individuals to act where and when they can."


Thierry places the ability to listen and humility at the heart of his values in his connection to the world and to people. "The entrepreneurs that I follow need my technical expertise and my financial vocabulary. On my side of the equation, I learn a lot from my contact with them. As a consultant, you need to be humble and to leave your preconceptions behind: rather, engage in active listening in order to find the right way to support them in their individual project and according to their own vision."



how thierry can help you


  • Taxation: audit, advice
  • Fundraising
  • Reporting / Business plans
  • A network of investors


in his own words


"Being a consultant shouldn't be about preaching. It should be about guiding entrepreneurs. But keeping firmly in mind that they are the ones shouldering the risk."


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By Claire VO

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